Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book of Prayers and Teachings in Favorlang with English, Dutch and Mandarin glosses

Favorlang Translation of the Lord's Prayer

Ai-ach'o ma-acháchimit ja torro Jesus Christus

(Prayer of our Lord Jesus Christ)

Namoa tamau tamasea paga de boesum,

(Our Father who is in Heaven)

Ipá-dass-a joa naan.

(Hallowed be your name.)

Ipá-saij-a joa chachimit o ai.

(Let your kingdom come.)

Ipá-i-jorr'o oa airab maibas de boesum masini de ta channumma. 

(Let your will as in heaven on earth also.)

Epé-e namo-no piadai torro uppo ma-atsikap.

(Give us today our bread sufficient for today,)

So-o abo-e namo tataap o kakossi namoa, maibas channumma namo mabo tamasea parapies i namo.

(and forgive us our deeds of trespass as also we forgive those who do evil to us.)

Hai pá-sabas i namo, so-o barras'i namo innai rappies ai.

(Do not lead us into temptation and deliver us from the Evil One.)

Inau joa micho chachimit o ai, so-o barr'o ai so-o adas ai, taulaulan.  Amen.

(For yours is as it should be the kingdom and the power and the praise forever, Amen!)

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