Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Pay Buyci

nanu ake nya skayan,
qwas nanu cyanya pqwasan
yulung nanak uka halan
tusun su limuy yam. plahuy su na waxi
niyan la miyunaw siyaw ba silun

nanu cya nya ktalan
ini klhon nqas nya
yulaun nanak cya inu blaq halan,
wayan ta sibulin yaba ta kinlahuy
niyanla miyunaw siyaw ba silun

Another song from the album.

(from the 2007 self-titled album I Pay Buyci 依拜維吉, MVP Music)

* Taiwan Golden Melody Award Winner --
• Best Austronesian Language Album
• Best Austronesian Singer


Anonymous said...

Lovely song. I wish the best for I Pay Buyci for her second Atayal record

Kirtov said...

I want to correct the last post : Best wishes for I Pay buyci for her third Atayal record. I hope we can always enjoy the sweet voice of I Pay.By the way, I dont get why She looks sad when singing in her last presentations. Maybe I'm wrong ( I hope) Thanks for the joy I feel when I hear these songs

Kirtov said...

I wonder if there is a lyrics translation to english of the video song?
I would be great if we can read in English to understand it

Best regards

Kirtov said...

Hi to whom read this valuable information: IPay Buyci will release in August an english version of her music(in america,I guess).Actually she has lyrics in english. Visit her facebook site.